This weeks edition of Wednesday Wanderlust whisks us off to the clear waters of Voyageurs  National Park in Northern Minnesota. An adventurous destination for sure, endless water passages and island coves dot the landscape and you can paddle glass like water to your hearts content.

This video from is seriously good and makes you want to get up and go there right now. If you can’t get there today you can at least check out their Instagram Account or give them a follow on Facebook here

This film is the culmination of several weeks spent in the northernmost region of Minnesota known as Voyageurs National Park. Encompassing more than 340 square miles, Voyageurs is a watery wonderland almost exclusively accessible by boat. Journey with us as we explore a land blanketed in pristine lakes, ablaze with kaleidoscopic fall colors, and home to the most spectacular displays of the northern lights on the planet. This is Voyageurs.

This film was made possible by the wonderful people at the Voyageurs National Park Association who work so hard to maintain the park for folks like us. Please check them out (and feel free to donate!):

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