By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 7/17/19

This weeks Wednesday Wanderlust calls to the open road gods of two wheels. A great way to celebrate that longing is by enjoying the new book from Matias Corea, Two Wheels South.

If you have been a long time reader of my interview series, you will remember the interview with Matias from back in April of 2017. (Read it here).

We spoke about his travels, with his friend Joel Estopa, from Brooklyn to Ushuaia, Argentina on their vintage BMW’s. Depending on where you come from, you may also note that this feels like a ride from the center of the world (metaphorically) to the bottom (actually).

After returning from their travels, Matias set out to complete a in-depth retelling of their journey in his book, Two Wheels South (from Gestalten Press). I have received my copy and am floored with the results of Matias hard work.

Most people have one coffee table in their homes, so space for the the one coffee table book can be very competitive. This is that kind of book. It’s the kind you want to read cover to cover, but then leave out for your guests to thumb through when the drop by for a visit. It tells them something about travel but your coffee table book also tells them something about what you value.

The book is printed on high quality paper and features beautifully detailed depictions of their gear and technical choices to kick things off, but before long you are treated to in-depth storytelling about the people, places, and incidents that they encountered on the road. Of course the text is all arranged around breathtaking photography from their travels. If you enjoy grand landscapes, motorcycles, or both, you’ll be pleased.

A treat for both those filled with a hankering wanderlust and a love of motorcycles alike, Two Wheels South really checks all the boxes. Or should I say “boxers”?

Buy it here : $32

Additionally, there is still time to win a free copy by entering the @Instagram giveaway from Matias and myself. Check out @dirtorcas post from 6/25/19 to see the official rules and enter before July 20th, 2019.

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