By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 6/24/20

Photo by @desktoglory

This week on Wednesday Wanderlust I will not be sharing a video filled to the brim with stoke. Instead I wanted to revisit some of my favorite photos that I have featured in the Dirt Orcas interview series over the years.

All of the interview subjects we have featured here post amazing photos from their travels, but for the purposes of igniting your adventure fires, I wanted to revisit a few of the best. These are by no means all of my favorites or even the most professional pictures, but just a select few I think about regularly. Check out the full slate by catching up on all the Dirt Orcas interviews here

I choose to break them down into 3 categories.

The  first category is Expedition/ Overlanding.

The second category is adventure motorcycling.

The third category is all purpose adventure travel.

At the bottom you’ll also find my personal favorite photo. The one I think about the most out of the 1000’s that I have featured here during our interview series.

Photo by @saltytravellers

Category 1: Expedition / Overland

  1. Where would this list be without this classic (damn near ubiquitous) overlanding photo from @desktoglory – Little Red pushing the final few miles towards Patagonia? It reeks of adventure and exploration. Richard and Ashley continue to inspire (Top of page)
  2. This water crossing in the Australian outback captured by Monique and Jasper @saltytravellers – The sunset, the 1989 Toyota HJ75 series Troopcarrier, the feeling of vast desolate country. I love this one.
  3. Desert dreaming by @graeme.r.bell – Very few things will call out to your adventure DNA like a Land Rover in the wild.

Photo by @graeme.r.bell

Category 2: Adventure Motorcycling 

  1. This image from @paolocattaeophoto is always refreshing. His adventures have taken him all over the earth, but in this image, he feels like he is at home.
  2. The first time I saw this image from Ana and Jon @2intotheworld I went straight out on a ride without a destination. I had no plan but a plan to embrace the unknown with my bike and my camping gear.
  3. Finally this picture from Katja and Marius of @expedition.dirt – Seriously what more could you want?

Photo by @paolocattaneophoto

Photo by @2intotheworld

Photo by @expedition.dirt

Category 3: All Purpose Adventure

  1. A desert home by @tinyshinyhome resonates on a profound level. Airstreams call to your sense of wild places, but they also offer refuge and a place to call home. Thank you to the Longneckers for the inspiration and comfort.
  2. This image from @basillynch has always stood out to me. It has the feeling of solitude. Being alone without being lonely. I think adventurous people understand that feeling in a profound way. You can hear the crushing silence of the moment, but also the snow crunching under foot. (Certainly could have fallen under overland photos, but whatever it’s my list)
  3. Making coffee outdoors is a staple of our adventurous community. This image of doing it quietly, not to wake the kids, is like a warm hug from Ryan @poseidonsbeard

Photo by @tinyshinyhome

Photo by @basillynch

Photo by @poisedonsbeard

My Personal Favorite Photo from the Dirt Orcas interview series

  1. I think about this image from Tushar Ramesh (@frontierfanatic) all the time. The color, the commitment, the hardship, and the victory in this image are always with me. Tushar is a student who loves to travel by motorbike during his vacation time. Not all explorers are full time. Some of the most genuine explorers are those who just live and breathe adventure no matter what.

That is my list. There could have been so many more, but I have to stop somewhere.

Which are your favorites?

Photo by @frontierfanatic

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