By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 12/14/16

This week we travel to Panama. A country near to my own heart. I was fortunate enough to live in Panama for nearly a year in 2005.

A country with a rich biodiversity and ever changing landscape from mountainous jungle to white sand beaches.

I traveled to many of its highlights destinations like San Blas, Bocas del Toro, David, and Panama City. Being on a boat in the Panama Canal is one bucket list item I certainly recommend checking off.

I lived in Boquete, in the Northern mountain region of the country. A wonderful little town situated right below Costa Rica. Coffee plantations and tourist restaurants were the main attractions there, but I remember it for the volcanoes.

Our house was directly across the river from Vulcan Baru National Park. The park was filled with dense rain-forest, all the requisite wildlife that rain-forest entail and obviously a large active volcano.

Earthquakes were as common as the afternoon rain storms.

It was one of the most peaceful years of my life. The people of Panama are kinda and hard working.

From Vimeo: Enrique Pacheco’s cinematography takes us on a journey through Panama’s lush landscape.
“Deep in the Rainforest” captures the density and beauty of this undisrupted natural space. Through Pacheco’s lens, we explore nature’s gentle power—torrential storms, vibrant light, and the intricate ecosystems that make up Panama’s environment.

Cinematography: Enrique Pacheco (
Original Soundtrack: Petteri Sainio ( )

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