By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orca’s – 6/13/18

Today’s edition of Wednesday Wanderlust takes us to Myanmar. A place of rich cultural heritage.

This video is called Enchanted Myanmar and is from Oliver Astrologo.


Wander around enchanted lakes, into fairy ancient towns blanketed in mysterious mist and you will be smitten with the delicate and sincere beauty of Myanmar. Go beyond the sparkling golden pagodas or the beautiful beaches and let the gentle winds guide your hot-air balloon on the best ride in the air you ever had.

By Oliver Astrologo |

In collaboration with
Leticia Piacentini

Original score performed by Erik Ventrice |

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  1. Mel Sauerbeck
    Mel Sauerbeck says:

    Having traveled extensively in Myanmar, let me tell you, this is a wonderful video, both well produced and beautifully shot. Thanks for sharing, made me long to return, again.


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