By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 1/17/18

This edition of Wednesday Wanderlust is a bit different. Instead of sharing a video to stoke your adventurous fires, I wanted to point you in the direction of the updated website for the much loved adventure motorcycle series Long Way Round.

They have re-tooled the site with a much better photo gallery of both Long Way Round and Long Way Down to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Long Way Down’s release. Scroll down on each page to view the galleries.

I felt excited to get going on my next big adventure ride just viewing the pictures of Ewan and Charlie while reliving the series moments in my head and I thought you might as well.


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  1. Jim Findlay
    Jim Findlay says:

    I think both MacGregor and Boormans video series are fantastic. I really don’t get the amount of diss-ing they get from some of the motorcycle community, usually about the level of support they took with them. They had the resources to do it that way and they were making two very good films in the process.
    I love Long Way Round and Long Way Down. They got me into adventure motorcycling!

    • Dirt Orcas
      Dirt Orcas says:

      Completely, I never understood the complaints either. They produced one of the greatest travel series ever. Sure many other people have taken bikes around the world without a support crew. There videos really aren’t that fun or well produced. You can have it both ways. Even though people keep trying.


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