By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 9/11/19

This weeks Wednesday Wanderlust focuses on filling in some gaps in the recent news surrounding our friends with Long Way Round.

As you no doubt heard this week, rumors are flying around that Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman, and the crew from Long Way Round have arrived in Buenos Aires and began unpacking a fleet of Rivian Electric Trucks and Harley Davidson Electric motorcycles. People are drawing obvious conclusions that the latest twist to the highly anticipated third installment of their travel series will be going electric.

While there is no doubt a lot of people who would have been extremely happy to see the duo run the old game back by saddling up on the new BMW r1250GS models and traversing a new part of the world, it is also easy to understand the interest from the Long Way teams side to create a new challenge for the third go around. While they are at it, perhaps they can shed a little light on the future of motorcycling in general and get people excited about solar/renewable energy sources to power their dreams.

It is certainly WAY beyond my pay grade to offer projections regarding the lifespan and trajectory of gasoline based travel in America and beyond, but I think we can all agree that electric machines are, at the very least, going to become a larger and larger part of transportation as time rolls on.

And who knows if the electric bikes will be the only ones the boys ride for the entire trip? Perhaps they are going to use a number of different bikes and you will get to see them on the 1250gs’s at a certain point after all. The Harley model certainly seems to be a road only set up with little ability to carry luggage.

While we wait patiently to see the finished Long Way Up product, surely more details will emerge. In the mean time, you can revisit this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage to learn more about the Harley Davidson system the boys have un-boxed in Argentina.

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