By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 11/1/17

Today’s very spooky edition of Wednesday Wanderlust reminds us of a great history of fright and mythology associated with Transylvania.  Now central Romania, Transylvania is of course home to Dracula and endless traditions of vampires and mythical beings.

While this video is hardly scary and is actually inspiring and actually makes me want to do some travelling to the Carpathian Mountains, the place still certainly has that mystery about it and it makes it the perfect Halloween installment to our series.

This video is titled Frozen Romania and comes to us from Stanley.

The description is as follows:

We couldn’t resist but go on another mountainous adventure in Romania!

And what a beautiful country it is to film! Having the experience of our past summer trip – it was quite easy to pick out locations, yet most of them were barely recognizable covered in snow =)

This one was filmed with the new DJI drone – Phantom 4 Pro and it’s finally a Phantom that’s fun to colour grade! Thanks to the new camera module and h.265 codec you can actually push the footage quite a bit.

The biggest challenge for this trip was severe winter weather. Good thing we had a BMW X6 car to help us deal with that! Not only the looks are epic but it also got us to remote locations creating the sense of security and comfort so much needed to do the actual filming work. Especially at times when temperatures dropped below -20°C! After couple of morning flights I even got frost on the propellers 😀

As usual, we used a track from an artist we listened to most on the road: Halsey – Colors Pt.II


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