By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 1/18/17

Today’s installment of Wednesday Wanderlust takes us to Egypt.

I always find it fascinating to try and locate the exact moment a particular place or destination sparks your curiosity enough to choose it above all others. You start to make plans and put other places on the back burner. That subtle information that infects your thoughts and drives your plans.

Egypt has always been that place on the back burner for me.

I was travelling on a jam packed bus though Costa Rica and meet a striking man from Holland. He had a particular feeling about him that was quite distinguished and out of place. He has near perfect skin and dark full hair. If I was wagering I’d say he was royalty. Being that he was a Dutchman in Costa Rica we asked him (in English) what he was doing in Costa Rica and he told us that he had spent the better part of the last 5 years travelling the world alone. “To learn about it’s people and places.”

We asked many questions but when we asked his favorite place he had been so far, he said Egypt. He told us that air tasted different when there was so much culture and history to take in. This was the moment.

Since that moment Egypt has been on my list. Still it always falls to the wayside when the possibility of something easier pops up.

Today we daydream and Egypt it is.

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