By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 11/22/17

This Thanksgiving edition of Wednesday Wanderlust focuses on Crater Lake in Oregon. You might have expected Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, but it’s surprisingly hard to find a decent video of that landmark to share with you all.

So I settled on Crater Lake, because it holds a special place in my own Thanksgiving memories. My parents divorced when I was 15 and my dad moved away after I graduated from high school. Fortunately for me, he choose some fantastic new stomping grounds located near National Parks. Crater Lake was one of them. I spent one Thanksgiving with him driving from Ashland, OR to Crater Lake National Park. My dads two wheel drive truck delicately pushing up the heavily snow covered road. Once we reached the parking lot we hiked the ring of the lake through the deep snow. Finally warming up with a bowl of chicken noodle soup at the park office where the staff could not have been kinder. They joined us and we all sat and had bowls of soup together on Thanksgiving.  Basically a perfect holiday.

While not filled with turkey and stuffing, this particular Thanksgiving was filled with a great deal more. Life long fantastic memories of the park and time spent with those you love.

Check out today’s video by Elena Suvorova titled, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon and be grateful this week.

Photo travel to Crater Lake National Park on 25 and 26 of October, 2015.
Music Arise with license of 

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