By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orca’s – 5/9/18

This edition of Wednesday Wanderlust takes on tour with a few buds as they ride their Suzuki DR650’s from San Diego to the Darien Gap in Panama.

The video is from Dominic Camarda and is called “BRAAP to the GAP!!”

Check it out and let it add fuel to your adventure fire.

Braaap refers to the exhaust note of a motorcycle and Gap refers to the Darien Gap (the end of the road, impenetrable jungle separating North and South America). We are leaving September 1st from San Diego, California to the Darien Gap, Panama. Three amigos on Suzuki DR650s traveling on the cheap by catching our own food and camping wherever possible. Oh yeah, and we like to surf so we’ll be packing our self-shaped bodysurf devices and possibly picking up and strapping on a board or two once we get to Oaxaca.

We will be video documenting our travels as we go. This video is comprised of clips from home and shakedown trips into Baja California and various places in San Diego to give an idea of what to expect. Enjoy!

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