By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orca’s – 5/2/18

For today’s edition of Wednesday Wanderlust we slip off to the Arctic Circle.

Enjoy this great video from, which is part of a larger series they have created.  It’s a fun video series and recommend giving it all a look, but today maybe start with this one, which is titled “Arctic Circle Overland 4“.

Sips that coffee or beer and enjoy.

“The camp spots we find are just getting better and better as this series unfolds. A tip when watching part 4.. to get the most out of it you will be better choosing to view this in full screen. You while know why when you get to the good parts. On our journey back down south along Norway’s coastline we had to take a lot of ferries to the connecting islands and headlands that joined up the roads between the fjords. This area doesn’t have the huge fjords that you will witness in future episodes but the scenery is truly stunning. We were starting to have to put a little more effort into finding those perfect camp spots as Norway didn’t have the thousands of miles of open forest tracks that Sweden and Finland had and it wasn’t unusual for tracks to be locked by chain.”

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