By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 1/16/19

I thought it was appropriate to share this video for this weeks Wednesday Wanderlust. It’s about of the experience of visiting the ice caves in Apostle Islands National Park. Like many others I tried to see them last week but were not able to walk out on Lake Superior to see them.

In order to see and experience the caves, the ice on the lake needs to be thick enough to walk on. Recent years have made this type of activity fruitless.

This video from is called Apostle Island National Park Lakeshore Ice Caves and is brought to us by Douglas Feltman.

Notes from the video:

“It’s been 5-6 years since the public has been able to visit the Ice caves in the Apostle Island National Park due to Lake Superior not freezing over enough to walk on safely. This year has been different and I decided to capture the amazing crowd that showed up on a Saturday in February 2014. We had to park well over a mile away on the main highway and then hiked over 6 miles to the Ice Caves and back.

Douglas Feltman


Dexter Britain


Ardi Story


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