By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 1/31/18

Today’s version of Wednesday Wanderlust takes us down to Australia for a cross continental ride with BMW on the 2017 GS Safari.

BMW Motorrad Australia hosts this annual event and produces these videos. They are some of my absolute favorite bits of content that are put out each year.

Of course, it is little more than a big advertisement for their off-road capable big bikes of the GS line and the future Safari participants, but there are times when art and inspiration creep into advertising and the GS safari promotional videos are some of those times.

The GS Safari takes 130 riders on a 7 day journey covering nearly 1800 miles. It’s off-road and challenging, but also beautiful and rewarding.

These videos are produced by BMW Motorrad Australia and I get excited for their release each year. I have also shared previous incarnations of this video on our Wednesday Wanderlust series which you can find here This recap of the 2013 GS Safari Enduro is a great entry point to what these trips are all about.

I think the 2018 rider spots are all filled up but if you are interested you can always look to 2019.

I have often said that it could take a lifetime to debate the best motorcycle manufacturer or the right size bike for your big trip, but one thing is undeniable, you get the best promotional material when you choose BMW Motorrad.


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