By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orca’s – 12/15/18

A few words about a new piece of riding gear you’ll want to add to your collection. Viking Cycle has created a heavyweight flannel riding jacket for riders looking to combine a piece of regularly worn fashion with the safety of motorcycle armor.

This is a great concept. Heading to a coffee shop or to meet some friends at a restaurant, but don’t want to throw on the weight of a complete armored riding jacket and then be saddled with it while you socialize? Enter the Viking Cycle Flannel Shirt. A riding jacket meant to keep you safe and give the lightweight casual appearance of a flannel shirt.

It’s a thick flannel exterior that wears very well with jeans. It feels like any other flannel light jacket and it does have an inner liner to add some wind protection on the road.

The Viking Cycle Flannel Shirt runs pretty true to size. I wear a size large and find that to be consistent with other regularly available outerwear manufacturers.

As you know from your other Viking Cycle products, they all have ample pocket space. This shirt is no exception. I like the easy access to the front button pockets, but there is also a large zippered interior pocket for holding bigger items. Either can be accessed quickly with your riding gloves on.

I find this item really hits its stride as a comfortable occasional riding jacket. It is prefect for riding a short distance in cooler temps. While also only wearing a t-shirt, helmet, and gloves, I was very comfortable for a 7 mile trip around my town in the high 30’s to low 40’s. It would also be comfortable if you wanted to use it for longer distance’s (like a few hours) at warmer temps in the mid to high 60’s. The front zipper / button combo helps keep the air from cutting through to your core.

Ultimately, I see this shirt best used as a short trip stand in. If you are riding locally and you know it may not be an ideal location or temperature to keep your fully armor jacket with you or find a place to hang it, the Viking Cycle Flannel Shirt can be worn like any other light jacket. You just happen to get that extra security of riding with the durability of back, shoulder, and elbow padding.

It should have a nice place in your closet.

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