By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 7/24/19

Do you daydream about packing your life into a camper van and setting out to explore back roads and communities that sit just on the edge of spectacular wilderness?  Do you long to spend more time outside hiking, viewing wildlife, and sleeping under the stars? A new website called Explore Van X has set its sights on providing you with all the information and connections you need to make this dream a reality.

Explore Van X, or Van X for short, is positioning itself as the worlds largest gateway to Vanlife and van camping. It is a comprehensive business directory that encompasses everything from helping you locate van builders, rental companies, camping destinations, DIY projects, service, and even things like connecting you with insurance companies and potential lenders. A literal one stop shop for all things Vanlife.

You may ask yourself how this is different from a basic search engine. Good question! Van X is so much more specific and made by people who share your passion. It operates primarily by helping you narrow your search targets down by need and location. However, you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the people behind this website are fanatics about Vanlife. You can rest assured you are seeing not only all available options available in your area, but also the best options.

The internet is a changing organism and anybody who has been forced to rely on lengthy forum threads or paid internet reviews to pick a builder, rental company, or service department knows how frustrating it can be to trust your own search results. Because Van X was created by a team of people who eat, sleep, and breathe Vanlife, you know you are in capable hands.

Additionally, Van X captures your attention with a picturesque aesthetic lacking on other search modules or forums. Which, from this writers perspective, is crucial. Keeping the wanderlust alive even while you preform the more mundane aspects of your overall Vanlife experience is beneficial. Their catch phrase of “Find Your Outside” is perfectly balanced with the overall mission of the site as well.

As much as the website is designed to help users navigate the vast network associated with Vanlife, it also keeps its main mission at its core, helping more people have better experiences while trying to get outdoors. Ultimately you want to be out there on the road, hearing owls communicate back and forth while you cook over your campfire and not stationed in front of a computer screen researching bumpers or insurance companies. Still these tasks are inevitable, so why not search in style?

As of now Van X is a new company with a great deal to offer, but as time rolls on, it seems things will only continue to get better. More companies will be added to the data set, both domestically and abroad, and of course the information that comes in from companies and users will continue to fine tune the search results for all.

The future just got a whole lot brighter for people looking to Find Their Outside and embrace Vanlife to the fullest.

*Dirt Orcas is entirely run by me, Paul Strubell. Full disclosure, I am also a founding member of Explore Van X and act as their blog content editor and media liaison.

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