By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orca’s – 7/27/18

Photo by Thor Amundsen (@enduro_adventures)

This edition of three cool things will fine tune your summer style. The perfect gear to subtly up your summer riding gear whether you’re heading to a ball game or just popping over to a friends BBQ.

Summer style has a simple objective, to look sharp while you trying to stay cool and comfortable. I find that the other three seasons give you a great deal more options for style choices. In summer the bottom line is that it is hot. As a motorcyclist this means it can be pretty tricky to wear the appropriate gear while riding to an event and then exist comfortably in those cloths when you arrive.

Most people I know aren’t interested in bringing two pairs of cloths everywhere they go either. So here is where a few key items can really help you look and stay cool this summer.

BMW Genuine Motorrad Ride Sneakers – $188 – This moto specific shoe offers enhanced protection over conventional sneakers by beefing up the toe, heel, and ankle areas, but BMW has done a nice job of also incorporating a breathable and lightweight material to help make this shoe comfortable on the warmest days. When the weather is hot the first item I leave out is my riding boots. Often opting for a pair of running shoes to beat the heat and feel comfortable once I arrive. These shoes from BMW blend those needs nicely and will ultimately be a great addition to your summer gear. Whats better than feeling comfortable and also having the option to look good and ride safely?

Yeti Rambler with Cap – $39.99 – Pretty simple. The cap is the key. You all know about the great reputation of Yeti’s products to keep your items nice and cold. In the heat of summer, I like to make sure I stay hydrated. But as every motorcyclists knows, you can’t easily transport fluids on a bike with a top that wont fully seal. Most of the Yeti line comes with a less than friendly lid for use on a motorcycle. Enter “The Cap”. Throw in your favorite cold beverage, seal it up, toss it in your tail pack, and off you go.

Patagonia Capilene Shirts – $39 and up – It’s 95* + and you’re heading to a friends backyard BBQ. You throw on your helmet and your riding jacket and hit the road. You arrive at your friends place only to debut a nice Rorschach sweat design on your back and underarms. Not anymore. Thanks to Patagonia’s Capilene material, your naturally produced moisture will be wicked away and you’ll be looking super fresh to charm everyone with your latest motorcycle adventure stories. You’ll stay nice and cool at the party too.

BONUS – BMW Summer 3 Pants – $160 and up – These are great all around riding pants that zip off at the knee into a casual cargo short. Sneaky summer riding comfort.

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