By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orca’s – 8/31/18

Kelvin river crossing in Ecuador – Photo by Suzie Bostock

This edition of three cool things will feature some recommendations for adventure riders who are looking to improve their riding techniques.

I say this because improving your skills will require some practice. While practicing, you should be pushing yourself past your comfort zone. If you are pushing yourself past your comfort zone, it also means you will likely fall down.

Here are a few items that will help you and your bike stay protected while you practice your new skills. Whether it be a wheelie over a down tree to save you from back-tracking 100 miles or learning to aggressively turn the bike around on a narrow trail by spinning the back tire, you’ll feel confident to try things without hurting yourself or your expensive adventure bike.

Protective Handguards – $145 – I like this set from Barkbusters. In any situation where you might be dropping the bike, you will want to protect your clutch and break levers from being damaged or broken. These can be attached to basically any enduro or adventure bike to protect your hands and levers in the event of a crash. A worthwhile investment that will keep you and your bike operating correctly so you can continue your ride. If you are looking to get something with a little more wind protection for riding in colder weather, the Barkbuster Storm is another option.

Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective Jacket – $150 – If you are planning to push yourself outside your comfort zone, it’s a great idea to protect yourself in the event of a crash. This jacket comes with a complete set of armor to help keep you protected from injury. Of course it’s not going to save your from everything, but it can certainly offer you a lot more protection that just elbow and shoulder pads offered in most adventure jackets. Plus I love that it can be worn as is in warmer weather or underneath an outer layer in colder temps.

BMW GS Offroad Riding Skills DVD – $30 – This video is designed for riders taking big bikes offroad. You’ll learn the basics and it will help you gain the confidence you need. Once you feel secure in your abilities, then you can start watching YouTube videos of desert racing and hard core enduro riders to really take your riding to the next level.

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