By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orca’s – 3/9/18

Here are three very cool things for your eyes. If you buy them, I can tell you that your life will immediately get better.

Your eyes will thank you and so will your soul.

You’ll feel better, see better, and not only will you look better, but the the things around will look better as well.

Check out our Dirt Orca’s recommendations for your eyes below.

1) MPowered Luci Lux Solar Lights – $18 – These inflatable solar lights are a real gem for any campsite or tent light. They pack down to almost nothing and they can provide a good amount of light on a very minimal charge. I love them because they provide a soft light inside your vehicle or inside your tent -ideal for late hour reading. You can hike into the backcountry with them or toss them on your dashboard to charge while you drive to your next camp. All without having to worry about draining your vehicles power supply.

2) Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses – $155 – This icon needs little explanation. You’ll look great while protecting your eyes from the sun. If you like to fish, the Polarization of the lens will help you cut the glare off the water.

3) The Helle Viking Knife – $105 – You might be asking yourself what in the world you’d need a knife for when writing about helping your eyes! Well it’s not to gouge them out when your obese camp neighbor does the naked trek to the bathroom at 10AM, it’s so that you can cut beautiful little slices or cucumber to put over your eyes to help you relax. Treat your eyes and your hands with a beautiful knife from Helle. They are not only beautiful, the blades are great quality too.

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