By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 5/26/17

This edition of Three Cool Things is all about repairs. When hitting the road on your motorcycle, you will inevitably need to take care of yourself and do some road side repairs. Here are the basic things you will want to add to your kit to help keep you moving.

  1. Slime Tire Plug Kit  – $6.15 – This little beauty can patch most punctures on your car and motorcycle as long as you’re on tubeless tires. I have used them on the side of mountain and stand by their effectiveness. The plug held for 500+ miles of hwy riding to my home and for several months after that. Keep in mind that after you plug a hole you will need a way to pump it back up.
  2. Bike Motorcycle Chain Breaker Splitter Link Riveter Riveting Repair Set Tool Kit – $29.99 – Many bikes these days are shaft driven but most dirt/dual sport/ adventure bikes use chains to power your fun. Having a chain break is a lame way to get stuck. This little kit helps you repair a broken chain and get back on the road. Handy!!
  3. Tow Strap – $12.95 – If you do get stuck having a tow strap can be a simple solution. Even if it just means moving your bike from a tricky place to one that makes it more comfortable to fix a problem.

Bonus item – I love these little tool rolls from Carhart. Keeps everything you need to work on your bike in a tidy package.

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