This edition of Three Cool Things focuses on your feet. When getting ready for any motorcycle trip, there is a fine line between having all the right stuff and over packing.

You certainly do not want to bring things you won’t use, but you also do not want to leave something you’ll need behind.

Storage is obviously limited so you will want to choose wisely. You will likely be hauling the shoes that are not your motorcycle boots as you’ll be wearing those while you ride.

Depending on the goals of your trip, you may only need your motorcycle boots and pair of sandals to knock around camp. Most of the trips I take, I also want to do a bit of hiking as well and I recommend this combo to cover all your needs.

1)  Fox Racing Comp 5 Motorcycle Boots –  $199.95 – Boots are essential to a motorcycle trip. They are one of the most important safety items you can wear after a helmet and quality jacket. While looks are important, many people shopping online tend to overlook  foot comfort on and off the bike. A full shin boot is best for protection, but also means that taking even a short walk is a bit of a struggle. I prefer to wear boots with a more traditional “athletic shoe” sole. You’ll be grateful when walking to overlooks and restaurants.

2) Havaianas Flip Flops – $18 – Just about the lightest weight footwear you can bring. These beauties are super easy to store and are always “waterproof” and smell free. They are great for knocking around camp when your dogs are barking from a long days ride. Its nice to get out of the boots and let your feet breathe while not risking cutting your feet on glass or picking up some funk in the campground bathhouse.

3) Nike Free Running Shoes – $99 – I love Nike Free’s for bike trips for three reasons. One, they are super light weight and easy to pack. Two, they can be used for a number of activities like hiking or pairing them with a pair of jeans to hit a local pub. Three, they dry very fast and because of their lightweight material design they don’t hold foot order like a more prominent running shoes. Anybody who has ever stashed a stinky article of clothing inside a waterproof bag knows, it can create a stinky mess on all your stuff. The Nike Free helps minimize this situation.

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