By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 3/10/17

This installment of Three Cool Things focuses on keeping your things dry. On any outdoor related trip there will be a need for waterproof materials to help ensure that the special items like electronics, food, cloths, and toiletries remain unaffected by rainstorms or accidental water contact.

I have put together a list of my three favorite waterproof items for an adventure motorcycle trip but of course these items can be used in a variety of ways for other activities. I bought them primarily for adventure motorcycling, but I find them to be very useful for camping, backpacking, and canoe trips.

1) Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Nano Dry Sack 35lt – $35 – I love these bags because they are lightweight and do exactly what they claim to do. They come in many sizes but I always tend to buy a bigger size than I think I might need. They are so lightweight you will never notice the extra weight and you can roll up any additional fabric you aren’t using. Many companies make similar products and will certainly do their job as well. I think the Sea to Summit line offers the most durability. I have had mine for many years and they have been on many trips and they still seem basically new. The Ultra Sil material is the lightest weight so these are great for motorcycling and backpacking. I use mine most often to store cloths and toiletries, which I then put it inside one of my dry pods in my saddlebags. These bags are very waterproof. Used properly you can leave them out in a rainstorm without concern but they are not made to be submerged in water. For that you will want a heavier duty dry bag.

2) Zip Lock Bags, 1 gal size – $4 – These little beauties are great. I like them so much because unlike better quality dry bags, you don’t have to care about them. I always use them as a second line of defense. Tucking away my toiletries inside a zip lock bag and placing it inside a more hardy dry bag like the Sea to Summit. This way you can easily identify your toiletry bag by touch. I also put a few empty zip locks in my motorcycle jacket. Again as a second line of defense for heavy rain storms. Putting my cell phone and wallet inside the zip lock and then tucked away inside my “waterproof” jacket pocket. Having a few spares on hand really come in handy as well if you end up wanting to save food or pack away a wet bathing suit.

3) Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel – $150 – Anybody who follow my adventures on Instagram has surely seen my Wolfman bag proudly mounted on the rear rack of my bikes. I have been through way more bikes than Wolfman bags. I love this thing. The simple design and smartly placed D Rings make it easy to use. I think my favorite thing about this bag is the confidence I get from it. I know that in the worst weather conditions, the things that are important to me will be dry when I arrive at camp. I personally like the yellow colored bags as well because when mounted on your bike, it gives you that extra little bit of visibility in traffic or a rainstorm. These bags are worth every penny.

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  1. Riley
    Riley says:

    Wolfman soft bag luggage, especially their saddlebags, can also save your life and limbs when a buddy behind you tries to stab you with a motorcycle. Come to think of it, I’ve seen 2 instances of these bags deflecting an attack without even a slight tear! Note: ALWAYS pull as far off the road as possible before coming to a stop when riding with others, no matter how obvious it seems that you’re stopping.


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