By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 1/2017

Adventure on Forgotten Roads

This edition of three cool things is about your head and face. On any motorcycle trip you are going to want to be safe and comfortable. These three things will more than help you do that. They work together to improve your experience and leave you in the best position to enjoy the experience even after many long hours in the saddle.

  1. Shoei Hornet X2 Dual Sport Helmet – $594.99 – Honestly this is the most important piece of gear that any motorcyclist can own. Keeps your head safe, while protecting you from the elements. It also does it in considerable style.
  2. Sena 20S Bluetooth Communication System – $229.10 – The Bluetooth advantage while on a bike is night and day from all the days of having your helmet wired to your bike. It allows you to communicate with other riders, listen to your favorites music, and take phone calls as well. While it isn’t necessarily a must have it will  certainly improve your ride experience and make your trip much easier.
  3. Dragon Alliance Motorcycle Goggle – $73.01 – Having a pair of goggles will allow you to better regulate your vision and temperature requirements on and off road. Having more options will again help improve your riding experience and allow to fully focus on the scenery and roads around you. They also make you look like you just pulled into the bivouac from this years Dakar.
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