This edition of Three Cool Things centers around getting your fix – Your Coffee Fix.

While getting outside one of the main challenges is finding the right way to replace your morning brew situation. Maybe you hit a local cafe on your way to work or maybe you home brew like a mad chemist. Either way, replacing that beautiful morning ritual can be it’s own little mystery when you hit the camp scene.

These three items are a great way to keep you going and not miss a beat.

  1. Water Filter from Platypus – $120 – If you’re near potable water that’s great, but for the back-country explorers or the rugged overland travelers who might be a little low on bottled stuff, but near a stream, carrying a simple water filter is a must. This is my personal favorite. Clean water is a great survival item, but it is also a great way to begin your coffee.
  2. Death Wish Ground Coffee – $20 – You are going to want to grind your beans before you hit the outdoors. Basically every grocery store will allow you to grind whole beans there at no charge. I like a strong cup and Death Wish certainly fits the bill.
  3. Stanley Classic Vacuum Travel Coffee Press – $23 – This insulated little champ is great because it combines two things in one. Saving space is awesome. Not only will it keep your coffee warm all day, but it will also help you percolate your grounds. What could be better?
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