Three Cool Things returns with more hot holiday gift ideas. This week we are all about staying warm. Winter is finally here and staying warm while outdoors will help keep you active and motivated. As our outdoor activities start to demand additional accessories to stay comfortable, here are a few key additions to staying active and staying comfy.

  1. Patagonia Merino Wool Base-Layer – A solid foundation is the best way to start any project, but when going outside in in-climate weather, it will not only keep you warm, but the merino wool will actually also help you regulate your heat so you do not get too hot either. For the active person who loves to continue to run, hike, cross-country ski, or hit the slopes even when the weather gets nasty, this is a great way to give your body the strong foundation it deserves. Available for men and women.
  2. Patagonia Merino Wool Beanie – You lose a good deal of your body heat through your head. Keep it warm with a quality hat and you will stay comfortable all day. The reason the merino wool hats are great is because wool works hard to regulate your temp and not just keep you warm. Wool also stays warm even when wet, so for an item like a hat, which is exposed to the elements, wool is an excellent choice. This particular hat is Unisex.
  3. Marmot Exum Guide Undercuff Gloves – When your fingers start to get cold it makes everything difficult. Therefore a solid pair of gloves, is essential to outdoor recreation. If you’re skiing or fence building, you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand, instead of worrying about frostbite or getting blood back into your fingertips.

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