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Wednesday Wanderlust: Postcard from Iceland

Few roads call to the Overland Traveler like Iceland's Ring Road. Iceland itself is the near definition of Wanderlust. A magical place with a gorgeous landscape that for most seems like a far off dream
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The Epic Adventures of Steve Reno

We spoke with Steve Reno for the third installment in our ongoing interview series here at Dirt Orcas. Steve is a bit of a legend in the Adventure Motorcycling community.

How to Road Trek with Rebecca and Bob Hougher

Rebecca Hougher and her husband Bob have logged over 100,000 miles in their rolling home over the last 9 years.
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“The Great Trail” Nears Completion

Once only a dream for North American adventures, the Trans Canadian Trail or “The Great Trail” is nearing completion. Once the final pieces are completed in 2017, it will be the longest trail in the world.

Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route 2016

A 2700-mile motorcycle journey from Eastern Iowa to Colorado, to ride the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route.


These are a few of my favorite words ever written on adventure travel.


There are many fractions within the motorcycling community. From the trailer happy weekend warriors, to the iron butt cross country Goldwing champions. Though separated specifically by bike class, demographics, and geographic features, the passion for open air, two wheel propulsion bonds us all as motorcyclists.

Which Grind is Right for You?

The goal of those with an adventurous spirit is to explore and experience the world. For most of us, the goal is to spend our time adventuring and breaking new personal ground. From the over night camping trip, making s’mores and emptying…