I wanted to create this quick access guide to the gear in my set up. There will not be any reviews found here, but assume that if it makes this list it has the full Dirt Orcas Seal of Approval.

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BMW released the VISION NEXT 100 and with it comes the promise of a safer more interactive ride. With self driving cars already on the market, it was only a matter of time before technology took aim at motorcycling.

Airstream Targets Millennials

The recently released Basecamp from Airstream signals the launch of the legendary RV company's attempt to court the future buyers.

Photographing Wild by Paul Nicklen – Beauty with a Cause

Photographing Wild is nothing short of amazing. For anybody interested in the photography, wildlife, or just straight up beauty, it is well worth your time. Currently on sale for $10, it is also a great way to enrich your life while supporting a great cause.

What Your Water Purifier Says About You

When selecting a water purifier for outdoor adventure, it's the time when your personality really takes center stage. Because of the various designs, sizes, applications, and levels of effectiveness you can really put your own personal statement on your gear kit. Your choice in purification method says a lot about you.

My All Time Favorite Outdoor Shit

I like to do things. Things like hiking and camping. When I do these things, I need things to do those things. Some things live up to your expectations and some do not. Here are my 5 favorite outdoor related things. In no particular order. …

My Review of the 2015 BMW f800r

I had a chance to spend a few days romping around on the 2015 BMW f800r. Over four days I rode a mix of city streets, country roads, interstate highway, and thanks to an unexpected bridge collapse, about 15 miles of loose gravel. The first…