REVER joins the Summer Classic Sponsors

By Paul Strubell

With great pleasure, we are adding REVER to our list of sponsors for this years Dirt Orcas Summer Classic. Which will take place September 13-15th, 2024.

Since the early days of the event we have been showing Backcountry Discovery Route documentary films at the Summer Classic. Through our relationship with BDR, we learned about the REVER platform for GPS mapping, routes, and their efforts to help riders build an expanded community. I have encourage event attendees to download the REVER app and utilize its easy to access routes and features. Simply by following me on the app as a friend, fellow riders could easily see all the rides and routes I have shared to the platform. When planning an event like mine, it made a lot of sense to suggest riders follow the planned ride for each unique Summer Classic route, while also uploading back up routes when weather made the main route impassable.

This year we are taking things a step further and making the relationship a bit more official.

By adding REVER as an event sponsor, we are able to pass along not just their excellent route sharing platform, but also a 30% discount to all event participants if they want to upgrade to REVER PRO.

Rever’s free service will get you enough to get by, but the PRO upgrade will add features to the platform like live location sharing with your friends, GPS export, offline maps, Butler Map recommendations, turn by turn directions and much more. You can see the whole list of upgrades here.

Once we get closer to the event and this years route is locked, I will be sending out a discount code for all event participants (if they choose to upgrade to REVER PRO) along with the details of how to view the main route for this years ride.

For those interested, the app also comes preloaded with all of the Backcountry Discovery Routes .gpx tracks and many other Butler Map recommended rides.

This years event will feature a screening of the latest documentary film highlighting the Northern CABDR. This route will be available in the app of course.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in September.

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