Which Grind is Right for You?

The goal of those with an adventurous spirit is to explore and experience the world.

For most of us, the goal is to spend our time adventuring and breaking new personal ground. From the over night camping trip, making s’mores and emptying the cooler around a campfire, to the short backpacking trip, to the 6 month through-hike, to reach the summit of one of the worlds great mountains. We each have our own goals.

The process is vital to our sanity. Planning a trip as beneficial as the trip itself because of the benefit of being excited. To have a goal to strive towards give you purpose. It keeps the mind motivated and keeps the heart full.

Finally, the fulfillment of realizing that goal. Making it happen. Expanding the experience of life. Having stories to relive to expand your scope of understanding and life.

Achieving these things can be challenging but it is imperative. We all seek it in different ways. You embrace #vanlife and find a job you can do from the road. You get that 9-5 in a cubicle to raise your financial profile so you can start taking better trips. Still you grind in some way.

A huge moment in my life was succumbing to the realization that, as hard as I tried to fight it, keeping my options and time open, never lead to all the great trips I had planned. You find a way to free up the time but you can never get away. You are a salve to your lack of purse. I bought a brand new Tacoma. My ticket. My inspiration. It was to be the base camp of my killer lifestyle and Instagram worthy adventures. I never had any money to travel.

The day I learned to sacrifice, I started seeing the adventure unfold. I took that 9-5 I was so afraid of. A regular paycheck does wonders for your ability to plan trips. It also turns out the company I work for has a very progressive vacation policy. I bought an old 4Runner and had money to take it everywhere.

I got into adventure motorcycling and have traveled the country by bike. Seeing the national Parks and Forests. The best of what our country has to offer. I built a beautiful cabin that is better than anything I had previously dreamed of.

I thought I was entering the grind, a cog in the wheel, but it turns out the grind opens a lot of doors for adventure. In one way or another entering the office grind is one of the best ways out of a spiritual grind.

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