“It’s a six hour ride”

8:00am – Wake up, assess your aches and pains. Whats the current weather? Is my sleeping bag wet from pressing against the tent wall all night?

– Estimate 1 hour to pull yourself out of the tent, clean up after raccoon’s who pillaged your leftovers, make a bathroom trip, drink some coffee, start packing up camp, and get all of your riding gear on.

9:00am – If you are with a group, you’ll waste about 30 minutes leaving the campground, gassing up, and getting on the road you want.

9:30am – 2 hour ride till gas stop.

11:30am – 15 minute gas stop includes getting gas and minimal research into the science experiments in the gas station restroom. Science is awesome.

11:45am – Whip out your phone to check out local restaurants and decide if it’s too early to stop for lunch. Ultimately decide to ride for another hour to a better town with more options.

12:45pm – 1 hour stop for a late “greasy spoon” lunch and gas up. Walk back inside restaurant to retrieve your helmet they kindly let you store away from your table.

1:45pm – Ride for 2 hours (might stop briefly for a gear adjustment.)

3:45pm – 15 minute gas up and bathroom break. 1 hour ride to final destination

5:00pm – 10 minutes to locate dinner and beer situation.

5:10pm – 5 minutes to decide to eat at a restaurant or get groceries to eat at camp.

5:15pm – 30 minutes to grab groceries and beer and head to campground.

5:45pm – 15 minutes to pay campground host and select site. “Do you sell firewood?”

6pm – 45 minutes to inspect the campground scene, have a few beers, get out of your riding gear, and set up camp. Jumping in a questionable swimming hole or river is also very much on the table here.

6:45pm – 15 minutes to get a fire going and start making dinner. Have another beer.

7pm – 20 minutes to eat dinner and have another beer.

7:20pm – 4 hours to relax into your campfire and beer situation. Ponder the greatness and despair of life. Think about tomorrows weather.

11:20pm – Make sure the coast is clear before you pee just outside your tent and crawl inside for the night.

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