By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 11/18/16

Gift Season is hereGift buying can be a tricky endeavor. When it comes to most of the people in your life, when they want something badly enough they typically find a way to get it themselves or they will directly tell you they want it.

However, it seems that each year we approach the “giving season” there is an expectation to get gifts for the people you care about and getting the right gift can be tricky.

I typically find that gifts are most appreciated if it is something the person really needs or if it is something they really wanted but for whatever reason, didn’t want to get it for them self.

So here is a list of suggestions that might help you buy for those who are tricky to buy for. I also made the assumption if you are reading my site that person is of the outdoorsy crowd. Happy Hunting.

Give a charitable donation in someones name. $$ – If you know what the person cares about, try to focus on a cause that supports their interest. If they like wildlife, check out WWF or Defenders of Wildlife. If they like sustainable farming for example you may want to check out Charity Seeds. You can even pay someones carbon tax for them at

Knives. $ – If you need them to chop potatoes, cut your tow strap in an emergency, or just to pop open some beers, knives can be an essential part of your day. This is why they make a great gift. They are tools we all need but they can also be found with artistic merit and dedicated craftsmanship. A few of my favorites are the Leatherman Juice 2, the Buck 110, and the Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife, 6″.

Boots.$$$ – This winter you should upgrade to a pair you will own forever. Danner Boots makes their boots with a lifetime guarantee and they do it right here in America. For men and women, I like the Mountain Pass or Mountain Light, but you can check out many option here at their site

Water Bottles. $ – Everybody needs it and most of us should be drinking more of it. Having a super sweet water bottle will make you more likely to take it with you. There are many companies who make a BPA-free bottle and they come in all kinds of materials, shapes, and sizes. Pro Tip for adventure motorcyclist, if you buy the Kleen Kanteen, you can convert it to a gas can in an emergency 😉

Stuff for their Dog. $$  A pooch needs things too and this falls squarely under the file of something your recipient will love to receive and doesn’t want to splurge on themselves. Ruffwear makes all kinds of cool stuff for pups like life jackets, leashes, and collars.

Bear Proof Cans. $ – You heard me. Don’t question it. The outdoor person in your life will love this and then love you a little bit more. I like this one from BearVault.

Best Made Ax. $$$$ – For the person in your life that has everything. If they already have one of these they will surely appreciate another. Shop here.

Solar Stuff. $$ – We all need a way to stay charged while we do the things we love. If you are anything like me and use your phone as your primary camera, it sucks to be without it when you see that amazing sunset. Goal Zero Products keep you powered while getting away from the lines. For motorcycling and backpacking I like this model.

Yeti Stuff. $$$$ – Yeti is making amazing stuff and as a result of careful marketing it is also super over priced.  Still, if you want to make a real impression with someone, start with Yeti’s newest family member, The Hopper Flip 12.

Head Lamps. $ – You need one if you don’t have one. If you already have one, you could use another. I like this model by Petzl.

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