By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orca’s – 5/25/18

Viking Cycle Gear’s Men’s Leather Motorcycle Gloves

There is something inherently powerful in a black pair of leather gloves.

The immediate utility and confidence you gain when you pull them over your hands is a universal feeling. Their simple lines that call back to an era of cafe racers and the strong motorcycle culture of the 1950’s.

I recently received a pair of Viking Cycle Gear leather motorcycle gloves and I spent a few days testing them out.

Right out of the box the gloves feel broken in. The leather is good quality and… how do I put this?… better quality leather than you might expect in a relatively inexpensive motorcycle glove.

When you grip the handlebars and run through the gears the gloves feel right at home. I didn’t notice extra fabric bunching up or hanging loose over the clutch lever. They felt contoured to my hand and the throttle. Resting my index and middle finger on the front break and the rest of my fingers gripping the throttle was also an easy ask for the gloves.

The leather is thick enough that your hands are protected in the event of a spill, but certainly not over-built that you’ll sacrifice dexterity.

The gloves also have a few modern updates like fingertip touchscreen friendly patches for operating your phone with the gloves on and a heavy gel pad in the palm for added protection in the event of a fall.

The Men’s Standard Leather Motorcycle Gloves from Viking Cycle Gear are that simple but effective glove for the everyday rider. When you are commuting to work or when joining some friends for a night out, you don’t always want the sport touring gloves or the enduro skeletal protection look. A simple black leather glove is the catch all fill in. They easily stuff into your jacket pockets or in the back or your jeans.

At $29.99 this glove is an affordable option as well. You’ll be able to pair it with your black leather motorcycle jacket seamlessly or if you only have a touring jacket or Rallye style coat, these gloves are still going to match your kit without any glaring stylistic conflict.

Every rider should own a simple pair of black leather gloves as part of their riding gear. After testing these bad boys out for a bit, I think they have a place for your kit as well.

Buy them here.

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