By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 8/25/17

It is an incredible time to be alive. Accessing the outdoors has never been easier and the equipment at our disposal is the best it has ever been. With GPS on our mobile devices and Apps like GOOGLE MAPS, REVER, and ALLTRAILS to name a few, we have the ability to map and track our routes to amazing destinations. With quality camera’s on our phones and devices like GoPro’s and drones, we all have the ability to document our adventures like never before. We are truly lucky to be alive in a time when the technology continues to improve at a rapid rate. However, there is something that is getting lost.

One of the many side effects that advancement in technology has created is a lack of interpersonal communication. Technology solves so many issues for us that we are relying less and less on each other for information.

This is evident in the loss of the “secret spot”. Years ago, you might get a tip from local friends or a wily barista about a great hike or a secluded waterfall. Nowadays, when you roll into town, you just pull up your app and follow the directions on the screen. People are relentlessley blogging about places and hikes and there really isn’t much left for locals to share.

This is something I really miss. That great hike and that secluded waterfall are still the same and are still great to visit, but somehow the excitement of the secret spot made you feel special. The adventure of the unknown gave you that little bit of excitement that always ads to the adventure.

With so many great trails and apps available, people are getting out for adventures more than ever. Because of that, it is important to remember that the adventure still needs that little bit of mystery to make you feel the rush. It is up to you to seek it out.

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