How to Road Trek with Rebecca and Bob Hougher

Rebecca Hougher and her husband Bob have logged over 100,000 miles in their rolling home over the last 9 years.

Take a Strange Vacation with Jenny Czinder

The first in a series of interviews from Dirt Orcas. We are pleased to speak with the seemingly limitless spirit that is Jenny Czinder. You may know her as Hookers&Popcorn.
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“The Great Trail” Nears Completion

Once only a dream for North American adventures, the Trans Canadian Trail or “The Great Trail” is nearing completion. Once the final pieces are completed in 2017, it will be the longest trail in the world.

Friends and Adventure

This hits home for me. The spirit of adventure combined with animals. Doing things right Guirec Soudée. Love it.


These are a few of my favorite words ever written on adventure travel.

Why are we different?

  There are many fractions within the motorcycling community. From the trailer happy weekend warriors to the iron butt cross country Goldwing champions. Though separated specifically by bike class, demographics,…
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Planning Your Adventure – A reference guide

Trip planning is unique to each individual. You should really make it our own, but here are a few helpful tips on how to plan your next adventure ride. First, decide on a destination. You’ll need inspiration. I hear a story or see a photo…