Westbound – Spring 2015

My friend Eric and I took a few BMW Boxers on a 3100 mile road trip, to camp and explore some of our countries best lands and parks. His bike is a BMW from 1976. Mine is a BMW from 2005. Much has changed with the bikes during that time but much has also stayed the same.

Killing a Deer with your Motorcycle

Two weeks ago I went for an afternoon ride with two of my best friends. The concept was simple. We would take a ride to a scenic place and spend a few hours on the bikes exploring. This particular day, we were heading for milkshakes in Keosauqua,…

My Review of the 2015 BMW f800r

I had a chance to spend a few days romping around on the 2015 BMW f800r. Over four days I rode a mix of city streets, country roads, interstate highway, and thanks to an unexpected bridge collapse, about 15 miles of loose gravel. The first…


There are many fractions within the motorcycling community. From the trailer happy weekend warriors, to the iron butt cross country Goldwing champions. Though separated specifically by bike class, demographics, and geographic features, the passion for open air, two wheel propulsion bonds us all as motorcyclists.

“It’s a six hour ride”

8:00am – Wake up, assess your aches and pains. Whats the current weather? Is my sleeping bag wet from pressing against the tent wall all night? - Estimate 1 hour to pull yourself out of the tent, clean up after raccoon’s who pillaged your…

What’s with the low fender?

I ride with a few guys who are died hard fans of their Suzuki 650dr’s. They seem to take the low fenders on other adventure bikes really personally. I did a lot of reading on advrider on this low fender thing. Here is what I found. The…
Garden of the Gods Campground

The Soggy Throttle 2000

I just completed a week long ride from Fairfield, IA to Asheville, NC. We mostly camped. We hit 4 National Forests, 2 National Parks, road the Tail of the Dragon, and drank with as many locals as we could find. This is the recap of our trip. I…

Which Grind is Right for You?

The goal of those with an adventurous spirit is to explore and experience the world. For most of us, the goal is to spend our time adventuring and breaking new personal ground. From the over night camping trip, making s’mores and emptying…