By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 11/22/19

It’s here! The Dirt Orcas Holiday Gift Guide. A time honored tradition where websites and blogs tell you about items they think are cool in the hope that you click their Amazon links and they will then earn a measly percentage of that sale to further their dreams of inter-web relevance.

So please enjoy the wizardry of my carefully curated selections below. They are in truth great gifts. And by buying these things, you also help support this website. Which I run solely by myself and out of the goodness of my heart. I really like expedition travel and sharing the tales of the people who embrace it. All in the hope that it motivates you to take your own trip. Sharing these stories  is also for some reason is rewarding to me on a personal level.

So without further ado, here is the 2019 Dirt Orcas Holiday Gift Guide. Guaranteed to bring joy and smiles to the lives of all those you purchase for, while also sending a minuscule kickback my way.

Happy Holidays from the dark capitalistic reality of late 2019.

Giant Loop ZigZag handlebar Bag – $48 : For anyone who is interested in motorcycles or even cycling, this adaptable pouch has improved my life on the road by leaps and bounds. The perfect size for just the essentials in the moment and I think that it why I like it so much. If I am doing a 3000 mile road trip on my bike I stuff full of long ride essentials like the phone and Sena chargers, lip balm, sunglasses, and my Gerbins heated jacket remote control. When I switch the ZigZag over to the enduro bike, I still find it just as useful for a few hours in the backcountry. I pack it with snacks, a small can of chain lube, a couple zip ties, and a few wet wipes for cleaning my visor.

Two Wheels South Book – $32 : Give the gift of travel for to those who like to stay inside with a good book. This one tracks two friends as they ride vintage BMW motorcycles from Brooklyn to Ushuaia. Packed with great content and wanderlust inducing photography from their travels, Two Wheels South is an inspiration.

Sheepskin Slippers from Overland – $99 : If you have tried to search for things like “overland” and the return comes up with results like a clothing store specializing in sheepskin and leather goods, you are not alone. Back when overlanding was called expedition travel, Overland Sheepskin was making quality clothing and accessories. You may have seen their store fronts in places like Jackson Hole or Taos, but they are headquartered about 5 miles from my house in Iowa. Pick up a pair of their famous slippers for someone you love.

WARSUN LED Rechargeable Work Light – $23 : I find it best paired with a camping trip. The kind when you plan to arrive early afternoon, but end up making camp in the dark, because off-roading takes longer than you planned. This portable LED light is great because of its Super Bright COB Light:30W max output, 1200 LM COB LED Light built-in two rechargeable 1800 mAh battery and with USB port to charge the mobile or other devices. Made of sturdy and durable aluminum alloy material, no functional problems under 4. 9ft drop test.

Woolly Mammoth XL Merino Wool Camp Blanket – $70 : This one is cozy and helps people stay warm. It’s pretty obvious to give something like this in the winter Frankly it makes a terrible summer gift. Like who would give you a wool blanket for your June Birthday? Only re-gifters that’s who. People will think you care about them if you look out for them. A merino wool blanket is a great way to say I care.

Leatherman Signal – $120 : This multitool from Leatherman is a wicked new addition to the multi tool landscape. With offerings like a fire starting rod and emergency whistle, Leatherman has included a few more items that may get you out of a jam. Hard to think this will be poorly received by an outdoorsy recipient.

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