By Paul Strubell of Dirt Orcas – 12/23/19

In what has become an annual tradition, it is now time to announce the winner for Dirt Orcas Gear of the Year.

While this product has seen far more prestigious awards this year (hello SEMA) than the little old Dirt Orcas award, that hardly means it isn’t damn well deserving of this one anyway. We present the Giant Loop Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder as the 2019 Dirt Orcas Gear of the year winner!

I choose this item for several reasons. The Giant Loop Gas Bag is unique, tough, and versatile. Everything you want from a piece of gear.

Lets explore its excellence in a little more depth.

The team at Giant Loop deserves tremendous credit for creating a unique item that directly serves their client base, but also for developing a product that falls outside the box of their typical line. That being motorcycle luggage and gear storage. You don’t see anything like this offered from any of Giant Loops competitors and the other existing options for fuel storage all come in a hard shell option.

Giant loop as broken new ground. The Gas Bag allows power-sports activists of all kinds to get more remote by easily expanding their fuel range. They are also staying true to their soft luggage roots. The combination of creativity and functionality the Gas Bag provides is fantastic. From what I understand it was a long time in the making and it certainly does not disappoint.

Gas Bags come in a range of sizes from 1 to 5 gallons. Meaning that whatever your predominant application, there is a good size combination for you. From dirt bike to UTV to expedition vehicle you’l be able to find something that meets your needs.

The durability of the Gas Bag is also a major selling point. Storing fuel in a traditional plastic canister could lead to unfortunate demise in a crash or by simply dropping the plastic canister while trying to remove it from its mount. You won’t have this concern with the Gas Bag. Its durable ballistic nylon shell is seriously rugged. And because of its flexible nature, it can handle blunt impact and all kinds of abuse before it becomes compromised. Significantly reducing concern of damaging your fuel reserve canister even in the most demanding conditions.

I also enjoy how easily it is to roll up and stow away when the bag is empty. You aren’t required to designate space for the Gas Bag when it isn’t in use. This is another plus you’ll find over fixed plastic canisters. The removable fill nozzle even conveniently tucks into the lash points to stay with the Gas Bag.

Despite all this praise for the Gas Bag, we haven’t even mentioned the thing that I like most about it. It offers its owner versatility. At Dirt Orcas we love cross sport versatility. I have always appreciates a quality cooler over an on-board refrigerator for overland trips, because I can simply take it from the back of the 4Runner and pack it up for a week long canoe trip. This saves me from buying two expensive cooling devises that cover the same task) I enjoy the versatility of the Gas bag the same way. It can be easily used for all the things I do.

I have the two gallon version of the Gas Bag. It straps to the top of my Giant Loop Tillamook Dry Bag with perfect harmony if I want to haul extra fuel on the BMW F800GS while riding into the backcountry.  If I want to secure it to the roof of the 4Runner for an extended overland trip the following month, it is just as compatible. I love this versatility. If I were considering using any other kind of fuel canister, moving them seamlessly between vehicles would be out of the question. The mounts required for hard canisters simply do not translate between a motorcycle and a luggage rack on a 4Runner. The Gas Bag can be easily mounted to just about anything with a couple straps. Allowing you to make one purchase instead of several vehicle specific purchases if you have more than one hobby. As you can see I even use the Gas Bag to carry fuel for my lawn tractor when heading to the woods to cut fire wood.

I love a product that checks all the boxes. I have no doubt you will be pleased with the Giant Loop Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder if you want to carry more fuel on your adventures.

Buy the Giant Loop Gas Bag (2 gal) here

Or Here on Amazon

Buy the Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps here

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